In the midst

Today marks the beginning of the second week of the exam period. Most of our students are bunkered down, busy with last-minute revision; some are in the examination room and some lucky ones have already finished and left town.

The majority of ALS students take their examinations away from the large halls and centres, having been professionally recommended extra time or the use of specialist IT equipment. Several have readers or scribes which necessitates the use of private rooms.

Occasionally, some are missing in action having forgotten where to go. They come rushing back to the ALS unit where Paula, Jacky, Jackie and Sue calmly point them in the correct direction. In fact, these three are SO calm, that an outside observer would never know that this is one of the most demanding times of the year for them.

If you have any queries about your recommended facilities between now and 31st May, please telephone the Examinations Office: x65029


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