End of the year

For some folk, it’s almost Midsummer’s Day. For those working in ALS, effectively, it’s the end of the year. Exams are over and the majority of students have gone their various ways. Of course, there are still nurses returning from placements to be supported and some tutors continue to work with students on Masters’ programmes and those doing their PhDs. Largely, however, this is a time for developing new resources, working on projects and preparing the way for the next academic year’s intake. And a time for reflection.

Today, the team re-grouped for consideration of what has been achieved since the re-structuring of ALSand to learn how we might progress. This was a game of two halves: the first being the ‘serious stuff’ and, latterly, something a little more light-hearted.

 Chris presented an account of the original objectives of the strategic plan aligned to ways in which our unit has successfully met its part in the overall picture. This is now a thriving community in which many staff at different levels have been able to increase their skills and move forward to the benefit of our students. Subsequently, Ludmila offered an opportunity for us to test our working auditory memory, whilst TJ and Alyson gave a practical demonstration of ways to assess whether the left or right side of our brain predominates.  

Finally, tea and cake was followed by a quiz in which those on the same team as the manager, plus the man who knows every cartoon character in existence, proved the most fortunate. Chocolates all round.


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