Partner Institutes Meeting – 13/06/12 (posted by Carolyn Atherton)

Last week a meeting was arranged where members of the various ALS teams from some of the Partner Institutes and ALS Bournemouth were invited to share good practice and knowledge relating to the ALS student journey

After a welcome message from Chris Scholes (ALS Manager) the meeting began with a short talk from Student Adviser Jacky Watkins.

Jacky went through the students’ admissions procedure explaining how if a student declares a disability on their UCAS form they will be contacted by ALS. They are then asked to complete a summary of information form and return it with a copy of any evidence they may have to either the ALS unit at Bournemouth University or the appropriate partner college.  It can then be processed and an appointment made with the student to discuss support.

Student Advisors Sue Morgan and Jackie Bessant then went on to discuss how important it is to have the correct evidence to support an application for Disabled Student Allowance. Students who have a learning difference, for example dyslexia, must have evidence either through an Educational Psychology Report or Specialist Teacher Report.  Both of these need to have been carried out post 16 years of age.

Finally, Student Advisor Paula Callaghan talked about how important it is for students to contact the department and apply for DSA prior to the commencement of their course.  It is at this stage that the evidence can be checked by a Student Advisor to ensure that it is adequate for progression to DSA.

The meeting was concluded with a discussion and plenty of refreshments.


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