More success stories from the 2012 Festival of Design & Innovation

In this section, we are proud to feature two students who have worked with us in ALS. Once again, as they prepare to leave the university, we send them our best wishes for successful futures.

Sam Moseley: BSc Product Design

FS Press

I have had the pleasure of working with Sam throughout the last year. He has proven to be an extremely focused student whose results reflect constant hard work. A keen athlete himself, Sam’s design sought to minimise potentially serious injuries caused by gym users who train unaided with heavy dumbbells. The FS Press precludes the over-compensation of force needed at the commencement of exercise by providing functional support which allows the user to receive the dumbbells when ready. This eliminates the need for rapid arm rotation previously required to reach the start position and ensures safety and security.


Jim Dow: BA (Hons) Industrial Design

Aura: Portable illuminator

I was fortunate enough to work with Jim earlier in the year when he produced an excellent report in which he reflected on his placement. This identified sound, analytical business skills to combine with his abilities to design worthy products. Seeking to provide an alternative to the narrow beam of traditional torches, Jim has produced an illuminator that creates a global effect for both social and functional settings. Designed with organic form to resemble nature, Aura combines the practicality of a torch with a welcoming atmospheric light that is pleasing, versatile and practical.


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