From strength to strength

Liam de la Bedoyere featured in an earlier posting on this blog in respect of his work on dyslexia and employment and now we have two more items of news about his progress.

Liam de la Bedoyere: BA/BSc Product Design (Hons)

Modufy – modular tents

Modufy is a novel concept that connects, combines and modifies identical tents. This innovative design means that, for the first time, consumers are able to design and create their own structures and tent arrangements. Easily adaptable to any scenario, Modufy has the potential to fulfil both social and spatial camping needs.

Whilst Liam was exhibiting his tent at the Festival of Design & Innovation, he also had his report on dyslexia and employment displayed to hand. A Scottish MP who was visiting the festival spoke with Liam about his work and read his report. The outcome is that Liam has been invited on an all expenses paid trip to Scotland to present his knowledge of dyslexia to a cross-party committee of MPs. Wow!

I did suggest to Liam that he might consider starting his own blog as we’re struggling to keep up with him. Only joking, Liam: we are proud of you and hope you continue to let us know of your achievements. A copy of Liam’s report can be found in the ALS office for anyone wishing to read it.


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