National Student of the Year

Here’s Lisa Marshall, a second year psychology student who has undergone three major surgical operations in the last four years for a spinal injury. Lisa was an Olympic Torchbearer on the 5th July in Lowestoft, having been nominated and accepted for her extraordinary courage. Not only was Lisa determined to study at BU in order to become an educational psychologist, she has consistently supported others and won the BU Volunteer of the Year Award. Here’s what Lisa says of her recent experience:

 I cannot put the feeling into words. It was a true mixture of excitement, pride, anticipation and nervousness. It all went by like a dream and it didn’t feel like it was actually me carrying it.

 I am also using my torch to visit people from the past and inspire others. I have visited my old senior school (aged 11-18) and local primary schools.

 I don’t think the achievement will ever sink in. I just try to live my life to the full and positively impact on as many other people as possible. To have the recognition for this is greatly appreciated but what motivates me most is helping individuals and watching them achieve their goals.

 As Lisa progresses into her final year, she is preparing to write her dissertation. True to form, she is even using this task to help others by developing and applying a model of coping for the benefit of those with disabilities.

 And if all of this was not sufficient reason to applaud Lisa, yet another accolade has just been accorded to her. On asking whether she wanted anything added to this piece, Lisa wrote back to say she had just heard that she had been chosen as Endsleigh National Student of the Year.

We are so proud of you Lisa and humbled by all your achievements


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