Beth Moore: Games Maker

Here’s Beth, one of our ALS dyslexia support tutors, with Steve Redgrave who, interestingly, is dyslexic. Beth spent part of her summer volunteering as a Games Maker. Here’s her account of the experience.

The idea of being an Olympic volunteer began the day London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games – I had been inspired by my mother-in-law, who had been a translator at the Berlin Games in 1936.

At the purpose built venue of Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy there were 380 Olympic sailors, representing 60 nations plus 80 Paralympians, 310 technical officials,  all supported by 900 Games Makers. I was simply delighted to be assigned to a small team of four to work in the hub of activity with the 63 International Technical Officials, (judges, members of the juries, race officials and boat measurers)  – so many nations and languages side by side. Each day was busy with athletes, royals and other visiting dignitaries, coming past our door.

For me it was a very happy experience where all my volunteer colleagues were really made to feel respected and valued.  Indeed, I have just received a letter of thanks from the Prime Minister, no less! 

As we bade farewell, I left the area smiling. Portland had been a showcase for the very best of sailing, where I had been inspired by witnessing a little of the Olympic action. I had taken part in an amazing experience with an overall ambiance of goodwill and enjoyment . I feel very proud to have played my tiny part. 

Beth Moore

September 2012


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