So, a new academic year approaches

 Alex Geraghty is commencing the second year of BA Communication & Media. Here are his reflections and tips on university life for first year students:

 For many, the summer break will have provided a well deserved ‘cool’ down period from some of the stresses and demands of university life. Like the athletes that participated in this year’s London Olympics, we now find ourselves pursuing the achievement of personal goals and aspirations. But what makes the home-university transition a successful one; and how can we all attain gold medals for the 2012/2013 academic year?

 A quick Google search into ‘how to prepare for university’ suggests, unsurprisingly, that gaining a familiarity with one’s surroundings is useful. The search also turned up ‘don’t forget to register with a local doctor and dental practice’ and ‘make sure you are aware of any background reading material’ and finally ‘do take note of key dates such as when your course is due to commence’. Indeed, these are all important in making the process of settling in a little easier. Although it is key to set your aims and targets, I am sure most athletes will admit that no plan is always 100% successful. So don’t get down heartened if things don’t always go the way you had initially hoped. Enjoy both the opportunities and challenges this new academic year brings. I will see you out on the track. 


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