The new dog on the blog…

…actually, he’s been here before but we love him so here’s an interview Carolyn conducted with our latest member of staff.

Jack has recently been successful in gaining the position of care dog in the ALS department at Bournemouth University.

Here is a short profile

Name:  Jack Stanley Atherton

Age 2 ¾

Breed: Shizhu

Relationship status:  recently separated from Mrs Shizhu .  Has one daughter called Alicia.

Human status – lives now with his human mum Carolyn and his pet cat Hayley.


All his aunties and uncles in ALS, and particularly the people who gave him the job.  He also loves the students who pet him.

Treats to include cheese (but is trying to watch his weight) so don’t give him any

Herding his pet cat Hayley into different rooms in his flat


Jack Russell terriers who bowl him over in the sea.  

Going to the groomers or being brushed

Dogs who think they are bigger than him

Thanks to Carolyn for sending in this report.


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