Kinetic typography


Kinetic typography is the technical name for moving text which began to be used in the opening titles of films in the 1960s. One of the aims of kinetic typography is to add significant emotive content and appeal to the written word. For example, if you click on the first link below, you will see and hear how a speech by President Obama has been greatly enhanced in the way that certain words have been highlighted and presented:

One of the most popular examples of kinetic typography was delivered by Stephen Fry:

It has been suggested that kinetic typography can improve overall reading performance so may be advantageous for ALS students. For more examples of ways in which it can be used, please click the final link:


One thought on “Kinetic typography

  1. Oh my….kinetic typography really makes my eyes water and having watched all three I now feel a bit bilious! Sensory overload…

    Chris Scholes ALS

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