Forever in my heart

judy picture

17 stillbirths or deaths shortly after birth every day

2,500 neonatal births every year

240,000 miscarriages every year (estimated)

These shocking statistics do not come from a third world nation. They currently apply to the UK.

judy photo

This is Judy Lancaster-Bowen, one of our learning support assistants. Judy organised and self-funded the Forever in my Heart exhibition which closes at the Peacock Gallery in Upton Country Park today. Most of the paintings, photographs, sculpture and poetry on display, including those by Judy, have been created by someone who has been affected by the loss of a baby. As Judy reminded me, behind each of those terrible statistics is a bereaved family.

Judy has been working towards this exhibition since last September and wants to say a big thank-you to Kate Ward for her support. Kate is the ex-chair of SPRING (supporting parents and relatives through baby loss).

Judy’s daughter, Tainn – which means ‘new moon’ – was stillborn four and a half years ago. Judy now has a son and her new baby is due the day after Tainn’s birthday. We wish Judy and her family every possible future happiness.

If you know someone who needs supporting or would like to make a donation please look at this website


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