A happy band


ALS Technical Coordinator, Tim Garton, has been teaching the guitar to a growing number of people over the last year. Here he is with Ana, Ludmila, Anne-Marie and Sally.

Tim currently runs five groups a week with thirteen students spread across them in groups of 1 -5. The levels are absolute beginner, just learning and relative experts although some of the keener participants choose to experience more than one level. These groups include seven ALS staff and one ALS student who access Tim’s tuition absolutely free of charge.

Tim’s students learn guitar through learning songs by several different artists such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young and REM. Every student can currently play between two and thirty songs and three of them played at last year’s Artisan Fayre. Despite a lack of support from certain areas of BU, Tim continues to offer this brilliant service during weekday lunchtimes. Contact Tim directly if you wish to join the band!


One thought on “A happy band

  1. What a Star – and there was I thinking he was off learning the guitar at lunchtimes. Tim – you dark horse.

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