Student and teacher

wayne duckworthWayne Duckworth is an ALS student studying scriptwriting in the Media School. He is also a teacher of his abiding passion  – yoga. When I asked Wayne if he would like to write something about himself, he sent the following piece which tells us little about the man but a lot about what guides him.

‘Yoga is more than a series of physical strengthening, lengthening and balancing postures: yoga also includes regular breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation.

Some other benefits of a regular yoga practice can include :

Flexibility – yoga practitioners are well known for their suppleness. Stress can be held as muscular rigidity in the body and as we learn to relax our tension, our body becomes more open.

Balance – one legged postures bring awareness to individual sides of the body, helping us to connect with our centre of gravity and core strength.

Connection – as we practice yoga, muscular and mental stresses begin to fade and we feel calm and centred.

Positivity – at the end of a yoga class, we can feel an achievement. We recognise that sometimes less is more.

Yoga is the perfect antidote to the fast pace of modern living. Our body needs time to re-charge, our mind to switch off and our soul to reconnect to the infinite.

Good advice Wayne, particularly for those facing final exams. Thanks to Ludmila for alerting me to this student


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