End of year report

new little jackIt’s that time of year when students write to voice appreciation for the support they’ve received. For some of the early comments, please have a look at the ‘what our students say’ page.

Jack Stanley, as a unique member of the team, warrants his own account. Here’s some of the feedback given:

“Jack’s support was rather helpful in providing a calm and satisfying atmosphere. He is a very pleasant dog and he definitely makes a difference in being here. I shall look forward to seeing him in my next academic year” (Business Studies student)

“Jack is a constant in that he stayed during my practice presentation with Carolyn. It was as if he knew I had done it ok despite my struggling” (DEC student)

“Jack is very calming and is a good stress buster and helps my learning” (Multimedia Journalism student)

“I feel that Jack brings a nice calm aspect to my ALS session and a big smile to my face every time I attend. Essential part of the team” (Paramedic Science student)

“Jack is a useful addition to the team that can brighten the mood of those feeling low” (Forensic Computing & Security student)

Well done Jack!


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