Digging deeper

Ian dig3

What’s LSA Ian up to? Is he preparing for the Sunshine Retirement Home?

Or maybe he’s practising for the day when he’ll finally get around to mowing the lawn.

alison dig

And here’s ALS tutor, Alison – a regular fashion icon, albeit on the end of a leash.

Well, we don’t get out much but having been encouraged to take part in some of the fantastic opportunities offered by BU’s first Festival of Learning, some of us took a trip back into the past. In deepest Dorset, we shared a field with a large flock of sheep and a very temperamental horse called Elliott as we undertook ‘an introduction to geophysics’.

Ian dig

Ian managed a successful attempt at testing the ground with the geomagnetic equipment; sadly, some of us were already ‘too magnetic’ to have a go.

dig pots (2)

At lunchtime, we were taken up to the main area of the dig and were lucky enough to see some pots that were just being uncovered still in situ.

And all those students up there looked really happy in their work.

Jack dig

Speaking of which, here’s Jack who is one of Alison’s ALS students. Jack managed to shout across the strata of ages past that the first year exams had gone really well. Good man.


Finally, ApSci lecturer, Paul, inputs the results of our work to let us know what we found.

What we found was that this was a brilliant way to spend a day.


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