Sweet dreams are made of this

sleepingA few members of Additional Learning Support attended the Festival of Learning session “Oh for a good night’s sleep!” last week.

 One of the speakers was Dr Phillippa Lawson, who gave us some very useful tips on how to improve sleep, which have already been of benefit to some members of staff. The ideas are simple but powerful, and include the following:

  •  Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day (yes, even weekends!)
  •  Getting ready for bed an hour early, then winding down & relaxing without looking at screens (phones, laptops, TV)
  •  Covering or turning away the clock so that you don’t know what the time is if you wake in the night
  • Restricting bedroom activities to sleep, and one other which has been censored by the blog police

 Students who have Specific Learning Differences and other disabilities often report problems  with sleep, either in dropping off initially because of thoughts racing round their heads, or having disturbed sleep, so these tips may be of some assistance.

 Here’s a link to Dr Lawson’s website if you would like further information:-


 Sweet dreams!

(Thanks to ALS advisor Sue for sending in this post.)


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