Fantastic new site


Thanks to ALS manager, Chris, for alerting us to this new careers website for students with learning differences and disabilities. This is really positive news.

Please recommend it to all your students.

I just wished to inform you about the exciting launch of our new website: and to ask for your assistance in marketing it to those who may find it useful.

This new website provides students with a disability or long-term health condition with all the information they need as they apply for graduate jobs and prepare to go through the recruitment process. The site affords information which is specifically relevant to them such as disclosing a disability, requesting adjustments, requiring support, gaps in the CV, lack of work experience, etc. Currently there is no other website offering all of this information. also provides information about employers. In addition to marketing their opportunities, employers can also include specific information about disability and the support they offer which their own company website may not allow.

I would appreciate your help in marketing this website to your students in what ever you can. Going forward we will be producing printed materials that we will forward to you. There will also be a formal launch of the site in September to coincide with the key graduate recruitment season. At this point we will be looking to do further marketing and also gain press coverage to increase awareness of the site amongst both employers and end users.

The site has been made possible thanks to our 3 key partners: Barclays, EDF Energy and Ernst and Young.

To find out more about the site and the information included, visit


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