Digging Deeper in Dorset

LSA Derek and Administrator Sally attended this Festival of Learning event on Thursday 13th June. They loved it!

Derek had this to say:DSCF3985

“As a devotee of Time Team for many years I was like a kid let loose in a Sweet Shop.

The day was fantastic and just to hold items like ‘Samian Ware’, which I have heard referred to maybe 100’s of times was a special delight.

The visit to the site was great and to see diggers wrapped up in coats and hats sitting in a hole with a trowel showed the real work that goes on at a dig.”

DSCF3965Sally reported that:

We spent the morning on Campus hearing about and handling a very small percentage of the best of the finds from the Big Dig, and there have been MANY!

The artefacts were grouped according to the material used: poDSCF3984ttery; bone; jewellery; coins; glass etc. etc., which demonstrated the wide range of interesting and quality finds.

We were also treated to separate hands-on talks about glass and pottery:

There was a range of glass vessels, beads and scent bottles from ancient to modern, from across the world. I was amazed at the detailed decoration of some of the early Roman glass, and the wide variety of colours made possible by the addition of different metals in the production process.

We learned how a mixed trDSCF3978ay of potsherds is sorted and studied so that it can be dated or, in some cases, reassembled. A very humble looking bowl made from Poole, or was it New Forest(?), clay, manufactured in quantity by our local ancestors, was so popular with the Romans, that examples are still being unearthed all around the world.


We then visited the dig site for a very informative tour and explanation of the different phases of habitation. This included a visit to the finds hut, where we were able to see some of the more recent discoveries.


Big thanks to Applied Sciences staff.

If this has whetted your appetite, then the dig site will be open to the public on Sunday 30th June from 10:00-16:00.

Set your satnav to DT11 9AT from where there will be a minibus service unless you would prefer to take the 1 mile walk to the site.

Click the link to visit the Big Dig website.


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