Memento Vitae

Jimmy TimmyJimmy Timmy S’Pack, formerly known as James “JT” Thomas (BA (Hons) Industrial Design) explained the purpose behind his Memento Vitae.

The figurine or “vitae vessel” places the emphasis on life rather than death. It contains a memory card to store photographs, music and all things associated with the person who has died. Members of the family and friends can record their own thoughts and memories about the individual in words or audio or on video, making it a very personal tribute.

The figurine has been ergonomically designed and can be made from glass, resin or a type of plastic in a choice of colours, providing something physical and tactile for the bereaved to focus on and interact with.

Designed to help people focus on happy memories, JT hopes that it will encourage people to talk about death rather than avoid the issue. He described the glass figurine rather poetically as “reflecting the light and therefore reflecting life.”

JT demonstrated the Memento Vitae: placing the figure in the docking station triggers the program to run, displaying a “lifeline” about that person’s life, so you can choose to play specific recorded memories of the subject; view photographs, or play a piece of music associated with that person.

The Memento Vitae also has the potential to be used to record your own will and specific wishes about funeral arrangements or bequests.

Not surprisingly JT has had a lot of interest in his product, and everyone in ALS wishes him well.


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