Helpful Hannah

hannah wallace

Whilst undertaking the early stages of the ALS research project on disclosure, I recently met Hannah Wallace who is a final year Product Design student, currently supported by Ildiko. I’m sure Hannah would make an impact in her degree-related employment field but, as an outcome of all her extra-curricula activities since coming to BU, she is now looking for an alternative career. A quick perusal of this versatile student’s CV suggests that she will be a great asset to a future employer.

During her first year of studies, Hannah was a cub and scout leader, working with a group of physically disabled scouts in Christchurch.

In the second year, Hannah was a member of the BU Welcome Crew for a fortnight before joining Aim Higher. She was part of the summer school and was involved in tutoring year 10 students in schools. She also joined the Student Award Scheme for which she designed and made a display unit.

Currently, as well as facing the arduous demands of the final year, Hannah has become a Student Community Warden in a new scheme designed to improve relationships between residents and students in Winton. When we met, Hannah had just promoted this venture on Fire FM and BBC South. Well done to this great ambassador for the university.


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