Making waves

ryan godolphinRyan Godolphin is a fourth year Product Design student who I first met earlier this year at a networking event where he gave a superb presentation about his placement with Sunseeker. More recently, I met Ryan again when he undertook an informal interview in connection with the research on ALS students and disclosure. Ryan offered an interesting perspective of the world of product design, suggesting that research indicates over 60% of those employed in this field have dyslexic tendencies. He also views his own dyslexia as a positive benefit which enables him to find creative solutions to work-based problems.

Ryan’s final year project is the design of a shoulder fired, gas powered recovery device to save those who inadvertently fall overboard from seafaring vessels. Currently, large ships which go to the aid of such people are restricted by stopping and turning systems and safety lines that have to be physically thrown. Even rescue craft can be unsuccessful in saving lives in rough seas. Ryan’s capsule includes an inflating safety ring and a flare attached to a coiled rescue line.

Thanks to Ryan for helping with our research and very best wishes to him for every success with his product and also with his future.


One thought on “Making waves

  1. Hey Alison,

    That looks great thank you!! Sorry I didn’t get back to you with a photo I have literally been snowed under with my dissertation.

    If theres anything else I can do for you don’t hesitate to ask I would love to help.

    Kind regards,

    Ryan Godolphin

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