From Upton to Avignon



Last Thursday evening a few of us joined the good people of the metropolis that is Upton at the local library to hear a talk by one of our tutors, Alison Green.

Alison transported us from the dark of a winter evening in Dorset to the sultry warmth of southern France, to Valence and to Provence with its Mistral-swept skies of incredible light and clarity.

She told how, due to a series of coincidences and amazing serendipity, the opportunity to take a career break from the University and to live in France for several months practically fell into her lap.

So August 2007 found her entrusting her new home in Upton to the care of unknown friends of friends and driving, alone, across France to stay with various strangers in a variety of small towns, previously unvisited by our intrepid traveller.

View from gite at Mas Saint Antoine

View from gite at Mas Saint Antoine

During the time she was away Alison wrote descriptive and entertaining letters home to her family and friends. She drew on this collection of prose to share her exciting, sometimes emotional, and often amusing experiences of her time amongst the vineyards and the mountains.

All agreed, it was a thoroughly enchanting evening.  Thank you.


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