Assistive Technology Review: Sleep Time

Can’t sleep?

Studies show that anxiety and sleep deprivation are closely linked. Anxiety can certainly cause sleepless nights but insomnia can also lead to a greater risk of developing an anxiety disorder. Getting a regular good night’s sleep goes a long way to help rest the mind as well as the body, giving your brain the chance to use its natural ability to process the worries of the day and keep you happier.

There is a new piece of assistive technology that gives a helping hand towards having a better night’s sleep in the form of the smart phone app, Sleep Time.

Azumio-SleeptimeSleep Time’s basic function is of an alarm clock but it does much more than that. To activate it, you set it to wake you by a certain time and then place the smart phone face down under your pillow.

Sleep Time uses the vibration detector in your phone to detect how much your are moving. It then deduces from that how deeply asleep you are. When it wakes you up, rather than doing it at the time you set, it will wake you sometime within the previous half an hour when you are at your lightest level of sleep.

That way, you wake up more naturally and easily and that can have an effect on your whole day.

In addition most of  the alarms available are pleasantly non-obtrusive. Rather than being woken up by the sound of a fog horn you get woken by the pleasing sound of birdsong or the noise of chirping crickets. It all leads to a more pleasant waking experience

Sleep Time has natural sounds for you to listen to while you’re dropping off too!

In addition, Sleep Time gives you an interesting record of how deeply you sleep. Sleep-Time-3

It illustrates your periods of lighter and deeper sleep so you can gain a better understanding of how it all works.

If you couple using Sleep Time with other tried and tested methods for better sleep then you should greatly improve your sleep and the way you wake up. As a result you’ll also improve your quality of life and reduce those stress and anxiety levels.

Here are a few more tips to help maintain a good night’s sleep:

1) Go to bed at the same time every night

2) Wake up at the same time every day – even on weekends!

(This trains your body to be ready for sleeping and waking)

3) Get as much natural light during the day as possible

4) Don’t watch TV or go on the computer before bed

5) Make sure your bedroom is dark and cool

(Light tells your body it’s time to be awake)

6) Avoid caffeine and alcohol in the evening

7) Don’t drink liquids in the time running up to bed

8) Don’t go to bed trying desperately to sleep; instead go to bed with the goal of relaxing. Let sleep happen by itself

9) If you find yourself worrying about things in bed, make a note to think about them during waking time and then put the matter aside

10) Be wary of napping during the day, as napping for too long (more than half an hour) can disrupt your sleep cycle

Sleep Time is a free app, with an additional reasonably low cost version with more features. It’s worth checking out…


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