Assistive Technology Review: Breathe 2 Relax

Feeling stressed?

Stress has become increasingly common and can affect any one of us in the course of our studies or work. There are, however, tried and tested techniques to help alleviate the impact of stress and there is a new app that can assist you.

Breathe 2 Relax Deep breathing is a powerful stress-relief technique and can be done pretty much anytime and anywhere. It can help to calm your thoughts, focus your mind and take away the pinch of anxiety.

Breathe 2 Relax starts by asking you to rate your stress level; then takes you through a series of deep inhales and exhales. As it does this a plunger rises and falls to tell you when to switch from one to the other.

If you wish you can also have relaxing images show in the background and listen to calming music.

Breathe 2 RelaxOnce it has taken you through 16 cycles of inhales and exhales, the app will ask you to rate your stress level again.

In all likelihood, this will have dropped.

Breathe 2 Relax also has tutorials on the best way to do your breathing so it’s a pretty good all round package.

The app is free for Android and Apple devices.


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