Time to Talk

Today is Time to Talk day. This is a campaign organised by Time to Change – a national charitable organisation that aims to end mental health discrimination through advice, support and resources. Group3

Time to Talk (TTT) aims to raise awareness of mental health by encouraging people across the country to talk on one specific day with the objective of achieving 1 million registered conversations- the idea illustrating that it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to discuss mental health issues over a cup of tea. Group9

ALS held their Time to Talk event yesterday, Wednesday afternoon being the time when the team gathers for training. Over thirty members of staff supported our ‘chatette’ and many brought along cakes or healthy eating options to accompany the tea bags that the TTT folk had donated.

Group7To set the conversations in motion, two members of our team had courageously volunteered to talk about their own experiences of living with mental health problems. Without this bravery, the event would not have been the success it was. They inspired everyone to engage in and achieve the 45 conversations which was our particular target and we are extremely grateful.

Here are some pictures kindly taken by Sally along with a selection of the feedback received so far.

Group5This was a brilliant and inspiring event.  Well done for organising.

Mental health issues are so often way down the agenda or, worse, hidden never to see the light of day so it was very worthwhile.

‘Opened our minds. Helped us not to be prejudiced. Admired speakers’ bravery. Brought us together as a group of people’.

Group1‘Very moving to hear these stories…much like my own…my words if I could express them verbally. Thank-you, what a team of individuals!’

‘A great way to raise awareness and support colleagues. Thank-you!’

Group8‘A good afternoon which hopefully has blown some myths about mental illness out of the water and made individuals more understanding and informed about the different types of difficulties albeit psychosis or neurosis’

‘A good opportunity to talk to colleagues about important issues – enjoyed it’Group6

‘People brave to talk and help others have an insight into mental health’

‘An enlightening and positive afternoon. Very brave speakers – a privilege to share their experiences’.



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