Visual Practices

DSCF5055  ALS staff passed a happy couple of hours this afternoon drawing round their hands, tearing up magazines, cutting out pictures, colouring in and pasting paper together. The result? A collection of collages which reflected their personal interpretations of the work accomplished in this productive department. And the reason for all this activity?

A couple of weeks ago, ALS Tutor, Alison, was lucky enough to attend a one day conference on Visual Practices run by the Association of Learning Development in Higher Education at London Metropolitan University. Today was dissemination day!

Visual Practices is a term used to cover a variety of ways – drawing, collage, photography, needlework, video etc. – by which students and staff can cross the traditional boundaries of academic assessment and illustrate their understanding of concepts and theories by other means. For many of our ALS students whose learning differences present problems with linear, logical and written interpretation, visual practices are ideal – and fun as can be seen in the photographs taken today.  DSCF5049DSCF5045DSCF5053DSCF5056DSCF5058DSCF5047


DSCF5057 DSCF5046



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