The research dog

new little jack

To be fair, he hasn’t been seen on the blog for at least five minutes. However, our canine colleague has now involved himself in multi-disciplinary reseach which is extremely interesting. Carolyn sends this news:



Research  into Animal Assisted Learning  is currently underway in ALS.  This research is  being carried out in collaboration with  Dr Andy Mayers ( Psychology), Dr Carol Clark (HSC) , Dr Carol Wilkins ( Portsmouth – midwifery) and Sharon Hartwell  – counselling services. The main emphasis of the research will be to determine if being with Jack relaxes a student and therefore facilitates better access to learning.

The research will be carried out through a questionnaire with the aim of getting both quantitative and qualitative data. It is important to stress that Jack is not there as a petting animal but as an enabler in helping students  get themselves into the right frame of mind to begin the learning process. Although obviously students do want to stroke Jack and are able to do this but for a limited time only…OF COURSE THEY WANT TO STROKE HIM!

Carolyn and Chris also send news of another piece of related  research which is about dogs and their empathic abilities to connect with human emotions and is available via the following link

BBC News – Dogs’ brain scans reveal vocal responses



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