You’ve Got One Go In Life

“You’ve got one go in life so make the most of it.”

It is these words that Richard Branson has always kept sight of and he’s had a pretty incredible life because of it, achieving goals that might seem impossible to others, creating fabulously successful businesses and breaking world records.

But Branson was unsuccessful at school and suffered from dyslexia. Did that block these great achievements… or make them possible?


Although Branson had a great passion for sports, he struggled terribly with his schoolwork and like many high achievers before him, was thought by his teachers to be a failure because it is difficult to measure drive, ambition and the ability to inspire oneself and others.

Branson’s dyslexia held him back in some ways but the enhancements it gave to the creative side of his brain enabled him to pull ahead from those around him. From an early age he strived to be the best he could be, creating business enterprise after business enterprise, most famously, a chain of successful music stores and a world-travelling airline. He has launched over a hundred and fifty successful businesses and continues to develop and expand his enterprises to this day.

We can’t know for sure if part of this energy, foresight and imagination came from his dyslexia, but we can say that he has not allowed any negative impact from it to hold him back.


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