The Synergy of Geese

What do geese have to do with disability….?  

 …The sharing of a common goal and sense of direction: that is, to be seen, to be heard and to make an impact, and to break out of the cage we sometimes find ourselves in…. 


Flocks of Geese carry the energy of their journey towards a goal, and find the right ways to navigate towards it. Geese navigate the great turbulence of the air, taking off and landing onto water. Geese are amazing birds, especially when it comes to migrating. The lead Goose when it tires will fall back within the flock and another Goose will take its place as navigator. Just like us, Geese too need to pay attention to when we are tired and to allow others to take the lead for a time if we are the one who is in need of rest and rejuvenation. If any Geese are injured or become ill during their flight and descend to the earth, another Goose will follow and remain with them until the fallen bird either recovers or dies. No Goose is ever left to die on its own, just like all of us we are never alone either.

It is all about synergy…..! 

Take a look at an interesting article linking the qualities of  Geese with disability:

Thanks to Sarah F for pondering these synergies….


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