The Experience

We are pleased to publish the first submission in our competition offering ALS students the opportunity to write about their experiences of the first few weeks at BU:

The culture clash was amazing. It has been a long time since mixing with such a vast variation of cultures. The last time I was in a similar environment was in London. The diversity is fantastic.To know and think that one day the human population of the earth will be one huge tribe unified and not just institutionalised by race, culture and community or colour.

I have found the experience here to be thrilling, confusing at times whilst finding my feet and most of all, fun and informative. I have found the food diversity in the cafeteria to be excellent also and the quality is that which I would pay a lot more for if I were not a student.

Quality of education and support at Bournemouth University is one of the best I have ever experienced, for example, courses supplied by other educational institutes or online institutions have left me bored and confused respectively. I feel this is because of the delivery of information mainly, after all, isn’t it the delivery which satisfies and engages the recipient?

The application process itself through UCAS has been a more positive experience than that of their processes and procedures since my last use of their service in 2004/2005. Their delivery of information has improved hugely and the task of gathering information and applying for university and finance has been made more of a holiday in the park of applications in retrospect and metaphorically speaking.

I have ADHD and didn’t know where to go next with my life. I knew what I wanted to do and it was a huge change from creative to academic disciplines. Bournemouth University is the UK capital for animation, I have read in the past. BU also offered the exact course and discipline I wanted to be practising. They are situated in a fantastic location and provide very high standards with the same level of expectations. I am not surprised they are one of the best.


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