Another story

My name is Jennifer Mugford and 23 years old, I am a mature student and my process of the university wasn’t easy I have severe Dyslexia and I am also Dyspraxia. I am also a care leaver and didn’t attend school so to be at Bournemouth University is really something. After having a troubled beginning in life moving around a lot growing up I just didn’t attend school, so I went on to do a Access Course after my life experiences I wanted to help others and become a Social Worker so the only way to do that was to do a degree in Social work. So I decided to apply for university I didn’t actually put down I was Dyslexic as I felt I wouldn’t get on the course because of this, and the process of getting onto a Social Work degree isn’t easy either, I had to do a supplementary application alongside my personal statement, I didn’t think I had a chance. But just before last Christmas my interview for Bournemouth came through and this was my first choice, I never thought I would of got this far but I did. I had to do a group discussion and case study, alongside the individual interview with a 10 minute presentation on what social work is. Well with only 36 places I didn’t think it would be me, but in fact I did and just because you have a disability don’t let it hold you back. I do find it hard in lectures and think will I ever get through, I am rubbish at note taking and my reading is a lot slower than others but I just have to work on these. When I started here, I went to ALS to get another assessment so I could get all the support I needed on my journey, all the staff I have met so far within ALS have been so helpful. I feel like with the support I can successfully complete my dreams of becoming a social worker along with my determination, that it will be harder for me. Having a disability shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals you just need that little bit of extra help along the way and if anyone can do it I can. I even missed out most of my secondary schooling but with the 1:1 support from Bournemouth University it doesn’t matter because I’m receiving all the help and support I need. Now I am happy to say yes I do need that extra support but that’s thanks to my great university experience so far.


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