A message from Daniel Bradley

Research: Technology and the Online World : As a society we are becoming ever more dependent on accessing the Internet with over 36 million people in the UK going online on a daily basis. This has led to a large amount of research on website usability and appeal. However, the majority of research focuses on a typical population with little research being conducted on individual differences. Individuals with autism, for example, may differ in the way they process information cognitively and this may mean that they make different judgments and decisions about the Internet.

Recent news coverage has highlighted how individuals with autism are being actively recruited for jobs in the IT industry because they are thought to have skills which will make them good computer programmers and a real asset to the firm they join. In our research, we would like to explore how individuals with and without autism deal with complex visual information, and how this might affect their preferences for different interfaces and websites. We are particularly interested in seeing whether individuals with autism have particular strengths in dealing with complex visual information or are similar to others their age.

What we’d like to do: Using state-of-the-art eye tracking technology, we would like to investigate how individuals with and without autism perceive website pages and whether, in fact, differences occur in the way visual information is processed. Below is information on how you can get in touch to be a part of this exciting new research.

How do you see the online world? What influences your judgments and decision making? Take part and help us to find out!

There are quite literally thousands upon thousands of different websites out there, but how do we decide what makes a great website? And how do individual differences impact upon the way we process the information presented to us and the judgments that we make? We are looking for volunteers to take part in our study where you can help us answer these questions! What do you think makes a great website? We want to know YOUR opinion!

What’s Involved?

 Whilst taking part in an eye tracking study, you will be asked to view and give your opinion on a selection of websites. You will also be asked to complete a short questionnaire, along with some puzzle tasks. Altogether the four tasks will take no longer than 1 hour, including breaks. However, you can also choose to do two 30 minute sessions instead if you would prefer.

Find out more: If you would like to take part, or find out more information, contact me, Daniel at dbradley@bournemouth.ac.uk


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