Pass Go and collect 200


It’s 200 years today since the French were defeated at Waterloo. That’s fairly important. However, what might be more relevant to the world of ALS is that this is the 200th posting on this blog.

We began on 8 May 2012 since when we’ve been viewed 17,435 times. We’ve now been seen in 99 countries which is quite an achievement. The most viewed post was on 21 May 2014. This was a video on dyslexia and entrepreneurship sent in by Chris. The second most popular post was a recipe for Igloo Pudding submitted by Jane. This just goes to illustrate the range of content on Level Playing Fields – rather appropriate given that we’re in the business of diversity.

Please continue to send in your content for posting. In the meantime, here’s a poem from Brian Bilston which has nothing to do with anything:


Frisbee whizzing
through the air
above our heads
over the sand
into the water
onto the waves
out to sea.

You cried a lot that day.
Frisbee was a lovely dog.





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