Danielle is an extraordinarily courageous young woman who has been supported by Carolyn & Jack. Danielle wrote the piece below and made the video which I urge you to watch.

A BU student from the Faculty of Management, Danielle, who is currently studying towards her MSc in Professional Development (Human Resource Management), underwent major life-changing surgery in June 2015. Danielle had suffered with a long-term health condition which made studying a challenge. However, Danielle has created a fantastic YouTube video which documents her journey with Scoliosis and Scheuermann’s disease which you can view here.

To give you an idea of Danielle’s journey here at BU, prior to starting her Masters, Danielle completed her law degree here from 2009 to 2013. During the first two years of her LLB Law degree (2009-2011), Danielle found finishing her three hour long written law exams very difficult, due to the pain and discomfort she felt, which was further aggravated by long periods of sitting and leaning forward. This significantly impeded her studies in her early years and was a source of frustration for Danielle, who had spent a very long time revising, but was unable to get all the content down. However, in September 2012, Danielle met the lovely Carolyn and Jack The Shi zhu  from the ALS Team. Together, they looked at ways of removing barriers Danielle faced with regards to her condition through the implementation of reasonable adjustments. Such adjustments would help to remove the disadvantage Danielle experienced when it came to her written examinations.

In the final year of Danielle’s law degree, Danielle consistently achieved firsts, ultimately gaining the highest overall mark out of a cohort of over 100 Law Students. With the help of Carolyn and Jack, reasonable adjustments, and excellent support from her final year tutors (Ken Brown, Hayley Dornan, Dr. Dinusha Mendis and Martine Hardwick), Danielle was able to reach her full potential, going from a 2:1 in second year, to a first in her final year. Impressively, Danielle graduated in November 2013 with First Class Honours in Law and was also awarded the very prestigious ‘Steele Raymond LLP Prize for Best Overall Law Student 2013’.

Today, Danielle has so far achieved a Postgraduate Diploma with Distinction and with the support of BU, Danielle will shortly return to her studies to achieve her Masters in MSc Professional Development.



4 thoughts on “Inspirational!

  1. Danielle, this is an amazing video! So we’ll put together and you have clearly done so so well. It is hard for anyone to achieve first class honours in law, but someone with a serious condition, well, just so inspiring.

  2. Danielle is truly inspirational. Brave beyond belief. It is a privilege to have known her firstly as a student and later as a friend for myself and Jan,my wife. Keep smiling Danielle.

  3. Inspiring what Danielle has achieved, and even more so when reading she is actually returning to her Masters after having such major surgery. Hope BU help Danielle in reaching her full potential with this degree also. Fabulous story.

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