The Christmas Garland Bow

Garland bow 1 Garland bow 2 Garland photo





How to make the Everlasting Garland

  • 3 x 30cm or 3/8yd lengths of cotton fabric (48 in wide) in different colours or patterns.
  • 1 metre of medium weight polyester wadding
  • Matching thread.


Cut a 7 inch x 45 inch strip of each of the three fabrics. Cut three 45 inch x 8 inch strips of wadding.

  • Press 1.5cm to the wrong side on one long edge of each fabric strip.
  • Place one fabric strip face down on a hard flat surface. Position wadding on top. Starting with the wadding, carefully roll up the fabric and wadding together to form a tube. Slipstitch along folded fabric edge to secure, making sure that wadding is tucked inside. Repeat for remaining lengths.
  • Plait tubes and secure ends together to form wreath.   Cut out bow from templates.
  • With right sides facing, fold each bow and tail piece in half along the fold line.Taking in lcm seam allowance, machine along the two longest raw edges of each bow piece.Tu.–n to right side :md pres’>.   Slipsti:Ch to close.
  • Stitch tail pieces of bow together along the top edge to form two pairs and secure centrally to base of wreath.   Position bow pieces together and work a small row of running stitches down the centre. Pull up stitches to gather into bow shape and fasten ends. Wrap bow knot round the bow centre and slipstitch ends together at back. Stitch bow to wreath covering tail tops.

To make hanging loop, cut 13cm x 5cm length of fabric. With right sides facing, machine both long edges.   Turn to right side and press.   Fold strips in half and slipstitch to back of wreath top.

Many thanks to Jane M for this festive submission

Editor’s note: We do not advise you to attempt construction of the everlasting garland whilst testing the mulled wine recipe in the previous festive contribution












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