Hairy Bikers’ mince pies

mince pie

Another Christmas missive from Jane M. Thank-you


Mince Pie pastry

1½ lb plain flour

15oz Sunflower margarine

6oz icing sugar

1 egg

Rub the fat into the flour and icing sugar and bring together with the egg.

The Hairy Biker’s Mincemeat

 Blitz in food processor

1 small lemon boiled in water for 1 hour (when cool, cut in half and remove pips)

5½oz raisins

5oz sultanas

½ Bramley apple

2½oz mixed peel

Then add

3½oz suet

3½oz dark muscovado sugar

3½oz currants

½ tsp ground cinnamon

3½oz ground nutmeg

1 tsp mixed spice

¼ tsp ground ginger

2 fl oz brandy

2 fl oz sherry

Use to make 48 mince pies with pastry above or store in jam jars, it will keep until next Christmas if it’s not all used!!



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