1 in 4




1 in 4

I am a 1 in 4, a prisoner of stigma, ignorance, and more.

I’d like to talk but you’ve stolen my voice. I just try my best, there’s no other choice.

But my best is my worst, and this world is not mine

And whilst your sun is bright mine doesn’t shine.

A black cloak descends and smothers my hope

You can’t see my scars so you think I should cope

And I cannot escape from the truth of my fears, too broken and cracked to shed any tears.

Hopeless pie is off the menu for you, you’d rather eat life up chew after chew.

Let’s hope you succeed, I wish you the best, but as you consider this think of the rest.

I am a 1 in 4 a statistic you’d be ‘stark raving mad’ to ignore.


by Carolyn Atherton

(Thanks to our poet)


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