University Mental Health Day

Thursday 2 March is University Mental Health Day (UMHD), raising awareness of mental health on campuses across the UK. The theme this year is active mental health. Everyone’s mental health will fluctuate daily, keeping physically active is just one way we can help to manage it.Web

Promoting this theme, SUBU and BU will be running a full day programme of activities and tools to support mental wellness for students and staff. From sporting activities, through art and music, to a ‘talking wall’ and online tools such as ‘Emoodji’, a free appto help you track your mood over time and Elefriends from Mind, and the monitored blog the ‘Big White Wall’ It’s also ‘take a break’ morning where staff and students are encouraged to take a break from their desks.

Mental health is a part of our broader physical health. In fact, ‘Be Active’ is one of the five ways to wellbeing. Keeping physically active is one way in which we can manage mental health.




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