ALS student features in the Daily Echo!

We have posted about amazing ALS student Toby and his ‘Bravery Organisation’ before. Toby has recently featured in the Daily Echo where he talked about his experience with tetraplegia and his hope to create a team of role models through his organisation to inspire young people to help change lives.


Read the article here.


The Westminster AchieveAbility Commission for Dyslexia & Neurodivergent people


Want to hear your experiences….

Are you dyslexic/neurodivergent? Are you a parent/carer for someone who is dyslexic/neurodivergent?

AchieveAbility – a charity which supports neurodivergent (autism and dyslexia spectrums) people in education and employment, have been tasked to compile evidence for the Autism Bill. If this applies to you, or people you know, please complete and/or share. The more evidence we have, the more likely the Bill will be successful.

The Westminster AchievAbility Commission Survey can be found here:

Chiara’s day out

chiara-graduationALS tutor, Amanda, attended Chiara’s graduation yesterday morning. She was an ALS student with dyslexia that Amanda has been supporting for several years. Chiara achieved a First BA (Hons) Marketing Communications in addition to the Faculty of Media and Communication’s Undergraduate Prize awarded to the undergraduate student whose performance or achievement is deemed by the Vice-Chancellor to have been most outstanding in their time at BU.