Following its success in 2016, the Art of Wellbeing Exhibition is back at Russell-Cotes Gallery, Bournemouth, 23rd May 17 – 16th July 17

This exhibition is a marvellous initiative of Bournemouth East Mental Health Services and the Russell-Cotes, showcasing the work of people living with a range of mental health conditions. It all contributes to making people more aware of the positive relationship between art and mental health.

Have a look if you are nearby and show your support to a very worthy cause.

More information here:


Incredible kid inventor receives a generous donation to help him launch his life-changing app

12-year-old Alex Knoll, creator of ‘Ability App’ featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Thursday May 25, 2017 and left with $25,000, courtesy of Shutterfly, an American Internet-based image publishing service based in Redwood City, California.

DeGeneres invited Knoll on her show to talk about his creation, Ability App, a free app and website that will help people with disabilities navigate public spaces and find safe, reliable services and employment opportunities.

“When disabled people leave the comfort and safety and security of their own home, they don’t know what obstacles they’re gonna face,” Knoll tells DeGeneres. “While some businesses may be rated accessible, it doesn’t necessarily mean all needs will be met.”

When asked how he came up with the idea for this app, Knoll explains that it all started when he saw a man in a wheelchair struggling to open a manual door.

“So I wondered if there was an app that could’ve told him what other stores around the area had automatic doors,” Knoll says. After doing some research, Alex couldn’t find anything, so, he created it.


The app can help users search hotels and restaurants (among other businesses and locations) to find all of its specific features, including braille menus, elevators, disabled parking, and beyond. It can also search for certain services, such as transportation, physical therapy, accessible housing, and beyond.

Alex has won inventor championships, but lacks capital to fund the app. DeGeneres clearly believes in his project and she surprises him with the necessary funds to further develop his app.

Watch this compassionate, young man talk about his project below:


Celebrating Paul Whittington

Back in 2013, we celebrated the tremendous achievements of Paul Whittington, an ALS student with Cerebral Palsy that ALS has been supporting for several years. Four years later, we celebrate him again.

After graduating with First Class Honours in Computing in 2013, Paul secured a Vice Chancellors award to study for a Phd. Paul is now proud to report that he has now submitted his PhD – 467 pages long and about 80,000 words. He also shared the good news that his work was recently cited in a book by one of the well-known authors in the Human Computer Interaction domain!

Paul aims to submit his final thesis in August. He is also working as a Research Associate in the Faculty of Science and Technology.

What an amazing journey! We hope that it is only the beginning of a successful academic career!



Changing lives

Thank to Ana for extraordinary BBC news stories about technological advances:

Moment schoolboy sees clearly again: Charlie started losing his sight aged four, leaving him only able to see close-up. Goggle footage – GiveVision:

Moment deaf woman hears for first time:  Mobile phone footage captures the moment Joanne Milne from Gateshead – who has been deaf since birth – hears for the first time: