Dyslexia link to eye spots confusing brain, say scientists.

A BBC news article covers this story: French scientists say they may have found a potential cause of dyslexia which could be treatable, hidden in tiny cells in the human eye.

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‘What is it like to be Dyslexic?’

A question often thought about but rarely acted upon. There are many organisations, companies and individuals who work to help individuals with dyslexia and the daily struggles that they face. I as a dyslexia student, wanted to take a different approach with this university minor project:


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Sunday Times restaurant critic AA Gill has died, aged 62, three weeks after revealing he had cancer. He also had dyslexia.


He described his struggle with the learning disorder and explored this new method of teaching dyslexic children to read….


“  I didn’t write this, I’m not writing this. Amy is writing this. Say: “Hello, Amy.” I speak into Amy’s crooked ear, and she types on my behalf. Amy can tell the difference between a lower-case “b” and a “d” with one eye closed, after three gins. She minds her ps and qs, and she’ll mind mine if I ask her. Amy is comfortable with all the many and subtle ways of “ough”. Words are her open book, as simple as ACB. So she writes with an assured dexterity, without even looking down. But what you hear, the timbre, the cadence of the clusters and chicanes, those are mine. The voice that is whispering into your shell-like is mine. And that is a great and subtle alchemy…”

AA Gill’s dyslexia prevented him from filing copy in the traditional (i.e. technologically relevant for the time) manner.

Instead, he would dictate his stories over the phone.

The fact is, he did. Every month. Without fail.

A poem on dyslexia

daffsIt really is annoying when you can’t read black on white,
You just get lost so easily because you can’t tell left from right.
When words all look like pictures and letters jump around,
And mathematics baffles you because it has no sound.

I’m capable, articulate and speak with true conviction,
Yet it’s written works and reading words that highlight my affliction.
Sometimes I worry silently, the fear just makes me sick,
I fear that people judge me because they think I’m ‘thick’.

So I offer up this silent prayer to ease my troubled mind,
Let others see me, as I am, intelligent and kind.
Please feel the struggle that I face each and every day,
Dyslexia is not a myth, its real and here to stay.

Alas, I know that faith alone will not bring understanding,
The world is fast, intolerant and always too demanding.
I realise no higher being will clear my mind of fog,
In which case, I have to ask if there really is a doG.

You’ve Got One Go In Life

“You’ve got one go in life so make the most of it.”

It is these words that Richard Branson has always kept sight of and he’s had a pretty incredible life because of it, achieving goals that might seem impossible to others, creating fabulously successful businesses and breaking world records.

But Branson was unsuccessful at school and suffered from dyslexia. Did that block these great achievements… or make them possible?

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