Festival of Learning: ALS event

As part of the recent Festival of Learning, the ALS team held an event to showcase some of the work they are involved in and to encourage awareness of learning differences and disabilities. Here are some of the pictures taken by Freddie Faithfull-Lloyd and Jackie Bessant.























ALS event 007








ALS event 002   ALS event 001











Festival of Learning: Geophysics


Paul Cheetham explains earth resistivity

Digging Deeper in Dorset: Introduction to geophysics

Ten visitors including Learning Support Assistants Derek and Kathy, and Administrator Sally from ALS attended a day at the Bournemouth University dig site in Dorset to learn all about the various equipment used to help archaeologists to see beneath the soil.

Paul Cheetham was ably assisted by 3rd year student Dominique Hopton.

Sue_Dominique Resist

Sue Brown former member of staff receives instruction from student Dominique Hopton.

Kathy wants one of these for Christmas!

Kathy wants one of these for Christmas!

Sally takes the radar for a walk.

Sally takes the radar for a walk.

Derek Roberts has a go at resistivity

Derek Roberts has a go at resistivity

Paul explains Topsoil Magnetic Susceptibility

Paul explains Topsoil Magnetic Susceptibility

Derek supervises.

Derek supervises.

Festival Of Learning: timewalking

ALS HengistSome members of the ALS team, Sally, Alison and Derek, were lucky enough to have attended the Timewalking on Hengistbury Head event on a day that boasted the finest of weather possible.

A stiff wind blew in from the sea but the sun shone throughout.





Around thirty people walked the walk in the footsteps of ancestors and of Eileen Wilkes from the archaeology team in the Faculty of Science & Technology. Eileen’s knowledge seems endless and information was delivered in an accessible way, appropriate for we lesser mortals.


Here are some other memories of this pleasurable event:

ALS Heng best S0719491

Festival of Learning

6381 FoL Banner Strip HI RES 2Additional Learning Support are running an event as part of the Festival of Learning:

Sneak a peek into life in the fast lane … Take a journey and check out the challenges of living with impairments, Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs), Asperger’s Syndrome Condition (ASC), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD(H)D).

Hear, see and take part in our world through interactive activities, presentations and student self-advocacy stories.

Wednesday 11th June 2014 from 5:00-7:00pm

Room K103, Kimmeridge House, Talbot Campus.

Follow the link to book your place, or to view other events: http://microsites.bournemouth.ac.uk/festival-of-learning/