Sight to sound to sight

blind glasses

Here’s a new piece of assistive technology designed to improve the experiences of people who were born with full vision but subsequently lost their sight.
What vOICe does is remarkable. It captures visual data and converts it into sound. The converted sound is called a “soundscape”. Each soundscape is a scan from the left to right ear –  the frequency of the sound represents the vertical axis of the image. The louder the audio, the brighter the image is.
blind glasses posterThe vOICe consists of a pair of glasses with a camera mounted on it. The camera collects visual data and passes it on to the conversion software that the laptop connected to the glasses/camera combo runs (the idea is to carry the laptop in a backpack).The laptop in turn is connected to a pair of headphones which are worn by the user. The headphones project the sound captured and converted to the ears, essentially telling the user where/ how far an object/obstacle is.
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