Sight loss does not equal job loss

There are many simple, practical reasonable adjustments employers can make for a job applicant with visual impairment.

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Changing lives

Thank to Ana for extraordinary BBC news stories about technological advances:

Moment schoolboy sees clearly again: Charlie started losing his sight aged four, leaving him only able to see close-up. Goggle footage – GiveVision:

Moment deaf woman hears for first time:  Mobile phone footage captures the moment Joanne Milne from Gateshead – who has been deaf since birth – hears for the first time:

Guide dogs


How do you ‘stop, look, listen’ when there isn’t anything to listen out for?  (2013)

Guide dogs for the Blind campaign: Help make quiet vehicles ‘Safe and Sound’!

There has been deep concern expressed by people who are blind and partially sighted that if you cannot see or hear a car, how can you avoid it and cross a road safely? Continue reading